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Dedicated to the development and promulgation of a new consciousness in medicine, science, education, and business.



PRESIDENT : Ervin Laszlo
THE GOVERNING COUNCIL: Pier Mario Biava, Christopher Laszlo, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Mirela Sula, Veronica Tan, Claudio Verzegnassi, Fabio Burigana, The Association President (ex officio)
Shamik Desai Executive Director(Strategy, Operations and Finance)
Alexander Laszlo General Director (Research and Development)
Julene Siddique (Acting General Director)
Kyle Davis (Health and Medicine) 
Joe St Clair (Institute Symposia)
Kingsley L. Dennis (Publications)
Mark Gober (Corporate Relations)
Nicolya Christi (OpenSpace and Special Projects)
Nora Csiszar (Communications and Public Relations)
THE SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD: Nitamo Montecucco, Alessandro Pizzoccaro, Carlo Ventura,  Giulio Sapelli [to be completed]


The Objective of the Instituteervin
The principal objective of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research is to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world and of consciousness in the world, and therewith to contribute to wellbeing in the world.The Institute pursues this objective through a program of research and education on the concepts, values and world views emerging at the forefront of science and society, and develops the application of the emerging paradigm to fields and issues of enduring human interest.

The Institute provides a home to leading-edge thinkers dedicated to research and development of the new paradigm through a variety of face-to-face as well as electronic communication-based programs and activities. It creates a network of cutting-edge researchers for the elaboration of the scientific and humanistic facets of the emerging paradigm, bringing together leading researchers for seminars and workshops, and publishing the results in print, as well as on television, on the Internet, and in the social media.


The Laszlo Institute

  • offers a selective quality-controlled platform for researchers in the natural and the human sciences, as well as in education, business management, and information medicine;
  • serves as an incubator and nurturer of projects that further the ethical and humanistic applications of the emerging paradigm, undertaking joint activities with like-minded individuals and organizations.

The Institute aims to become a leading edge, internationally recognized center of research and education, exploring, developing and promulgating the new paradigm and disseminating its implications and applications in regard to social and ecological sustainability, enduring value-creation, and human wellbeing.

The Institute’s activities include

  • Programs of research, and courses, seminars and symposia dedicated to the development and promulgation of the emerging new paradigm.
  • Action initiatives in partnership with globally thinking individuals and organizations, in the service of realizing the human and social potentials of the paradigm.

These programs and initiatives are pursued institutionally through The New Paradigm Alliance, consisting of The Laszlo Institute, The AITIA Institute of Shanghai, and The Institute of Noetic Sciences of Petaluma, California, and with case-by-case partnerships with likeminded organizations.

The Program of Research

The initial research of the Institute focuses on four areas:

·      the new paradigm in the natural sciences;

·      the new paradigm in economics and business;

·      the new paradigm in education;

·      the new paradigm in health, healing, and medicine.

The Program of Publication

The institute’s publication program serves the promulgation of the new paradigm to mainstream society as well as the creative edge of society. The program reposes on three pillars:

  • the publication of books in print and on-line;
  • research and the dissemination of monographs;
  • the program of publication of scientific papers.


The Institute Book Series

In cooperation with EcoPrime/SelectBooks, New York, the Institute publishes the series “Laszlo Institute New Paradigm Books.” Titles in the series are distributed in English by EcoPrime/Select Books and in translation by foreign publishers proposed by the publisher and endorsed by the Institute. Books published or in preparation are:

WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? Three Sages Look Behind the Veil, by LASZLO, Larry Dossey, and Jean Houston, Foreword by Stanley Krippner, 2016

WHAT IS REALITY? The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness by LASZLO with Alexander Laszlo, Foreword by Deepak Chopra, Introduction by Stanislav Grof,2016

THE LASZLO CHRONICLE: A Global Thinker’s Journey from Systems to Consciousness and the Akashic Field by Gyorgyi Szabo, 2017

THE TUSCANY DIALOGUES: The Earth, Our Future, and the Scope of Human Consciousness, Ervin Laszlo and Michael Tobias, 2019

Associated Books:

INFORMATION MEDICINE, by Ervin Laszlo and Pier Mario Biava, published by Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT. 2019

RECONNECTING WITH THE SOURCE by Ervin Laszlo, published by St. Martin’s Press, New York 2019


Reference Work:

BEYOND FEAR AND RAGE edited by Ervin Laszlo, 2017.

THE HANDBOOK OF NEW PARADIGM RESEARCH (e-book) Waterside Press, 2017.

The Monograph Series

The Institute develops its own monograph-publishing program. These convey the results of cutting-edge research by renowned individuals as well as research by visionary thinkers and young people.

The Journal

WORLD FUTURES: The Journal of New Paradigm Research ispublished in eight issues a year by Routledge,Philadelphia and London, an imprint of Taylor and Francis. The Proceedings of the Institute’s Symposia are published as Special Issues of the Journal.


ConsciousWorld: A Visual Representation of the Conscious Future

Founding Consortium: Uday Khemka, Ervin Laszlo

The prevailing orientation to reality—consumptive, short-term, numbers-maximizing—has led to dangerous and unsustainable imbalances at the individual, societal and planetary levelsYet there is evidence that the world is already changing. A different paradigm is rapidly emerging premised on a more highly “conscious,” “mindful,” and “spiritual” civilization.  Project ConsciousWorldseeks to exhibit, celebrate and encourage the achievements at the vanguard of both 21stcentury science and spiritual development.  It will:

  • Create a vision of an alternative future based on actual, inspirational examples from all domains of modern human civilization in which visionary leaders have already begun to embed “conscious”/”mindful”/“spiritual” processes and practices;
  • Create a set of powerful resources, learning, and tools to accelerate such change;
  • Build communities of leaders in a variety of key areas (such as education, media, public health, business, etc.) to work together to embed such change in their respective fields

LEVEL 1:  The evolution toward a conscious world is depicted as an interactive multimedia honeycomb, with each cell representing a distinct human discipline.  The honeycombwill be populated with ever-increasing numbers of relevant case studies—initially by the project team with the expectation that others, through an open platform, would populate thousands of further cells via peer-to-peer engagement [beginning with case studies in the education field].  Post ‘site launch’, any site visitor could open up a cell and populate the given web page, which will be curated to ensure quality

LEVEL 2:  Learning/resources/best practices will be synthesized from the case studies in Level 1 and distilled into a “Consciousness Library” (for use by aspiring organizations)

LEVEL 3: Communities of transformationwill be catalyzed to embed conscious processesthroughout distinct spheres of civilization (e.g., business, education, health, etc.)

LEVEL 4:Various kindred technology-enabled spiritual tools and movements will be partnered with and publicized/ virally disseminatedthrough the web portal.

The first phase of the project focuses on the ‘Education Cell’ of the ‘honeycomb’.  This shall be the first cell to be populated as we identify, organize, and analyze developments occurring globally in the field of Conscious Education and synthesize and distill “education best practices.”

Project Director: SHAMIK DESAI


A New Consciousness for a New Epoch

WORLDSHIFT is an online global initiative and active community of evolutionaries, visionaries and humanitarians from all walks of life dedicated to the co-creation of a New Paradigm for human life and evolution on the planet. 

WORLDSHIFT is founded on Six Core Values for an Evolving World:


Restorative Justice


Compassionate Action

Conscious Communication

Conscious Evolution


WORLDSHIFT is built on Twelve Foundation Stonesthat hallmark a New Paradigm for community and civilization on Earth:










Non-Monetary Transactions

Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication

Unconditional Giving, Receiving and Doing


The initial programs and activities of WORLDSHIFT are to include:


– WORLDSHIFT LIFESTYLE (Inner Shift—World Shift: Personal Transformation for Global Evolution)

Project Director: NICOLYA CHRISTI


The on-line educational arm of the Institute is the Gaia Global University (GGU). It provides a cultural, scientific and systemic framework for implementing the educational program of the Institute in the fields of science, medicine, business, and education.


A six-week-program of online education, currently in development in cooperation with the Kyung Hee University of Seoul, Korea, to be expanded into a full semester program and offered to like-minded educational organizations.

The Initial Courses and Seminars

100 level offerings

  • The Integral Paradigm in Science: An Introductory Course with Ervin Laszlo
  • The Integral Paradigm in Education: An Introductory Course with Alexander Laszlo and Sarah Verwei
  • The Integral Paradigm in Medicine: An Introductory-level Course with Folker Meissner
  • The New Paradigm of Social-Philosophical Science: Transforming the Self and Society.
  • An Introductory Course by Julene Siddique

200 level offerings

  • Elements of the Evolutionary Paradigm in Education: A Course with Nitamo Federico Montecucco and Silvia Ghiroldi
  • Information Medicine: Proximal and Remote Healing through Information—Theory and Practice
  • A Seminar with Maria Sagi

300 level offerings

  • Business as an Agent of World Benefit: An Integral Paradigm in Management Practice, Research and Education: A Seminar with Chris Laszlo
  • The Integral Paradigm in Psycho-Spiritual Studies: The Evolutionary Trajectory & The Psycho-Spiritual Continuum: An Advanced Course with Nicolya Christi
  • The Integral Paradigm in Mind-Body Medicine and Psychology: An Advanced Course with Nitamo Federico Montecucco and Luisa Barbato
  • Brains, Minds and Machines: Foundations of an Integral Paradigm in Consciousness Studies: An Advanced Research Seminar with Allan Combs


Faculty Biographies

Luisa Barbato – Certified Reichian body psychotherapist, is a member of the Board as well as supervisor of SIAR (Italian Society of Reichian Analysis) and is the director of the Scientific Committee of AIPC (Italian Association of Body Psychotherapy. She was elected member of the Italian Board of Professional Association of Psychologists and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Forum of European accredited body-psychotherapy training institutes. She teaches body-psychotherapy in numerous Italian post-graduate schools of psychotherapy.

Nicolya Christi– Author, Writer, Visionary, Futurist. Her first book, ‘2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution’ was published in April 2011, and her second book ‘Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution, appeared in September 2013. She is a ‘co-author of ‘2013: The Beginning is Now’, with Ervin Laszlo, Jose Arguelles, Geoff Stray, Carl Johan Calleman and Gill Edwards (2011), and a contributing writer for ‘Dawn of the Akashic Age’ by Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley Dennis (2013), and ‘Beyond Fear and Rage’along with Jean Houston, Gary Zukav and Stephen Schwartz(2017). She has just completed a book she has co-authored with Ervin Laszlo. Nicolya Christi founded the WorldShift Movement in 2011, and is the Initiator and Director of the soon to launch Special Project “WORLDSHIFT.”

Allan Combs, Ph.D.– Director, The Center for Consciousness Studiesat the California Institute of Integral Studies, and holds appointments at Saybrook University, and the Graduate Institute of Connecticut. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Ashville and the author of over 200 articles, chapters, and several books on consciousness and the brain including Consciousness Explained Better; and Changing Visions, with Ervin Laszlo. He is founder of The Society for Conscious Studies, co-founder of The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, member of The General Evolution Research Group, and of The Club of Budapest. Combs is founder and Co-Editor of the Journal of Conscious Evolution, Associate Editor of Dynamical Psychologyand was the winner of the 2002-2003 National Teaching Award of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs.

Alexander Laszlo,Ph.D. is President of the Board of Directors of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS) and 57th President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS). He is also President of the Honorary Board of Advisors of the World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA), and served as Founding Director of the Doctoral Program in Leadership and Systemic Innovation at ITBA, Argentina. As Professor of Systems Science and Evolutionary Development, his research and teaching focuses on evolutionary leadership, collaboration, and systems thinking. He is on the Editorial Board of seven research journals, recipient of the Gertrude Albert Heller Award, the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award, and the Förderpreis Akademischer Klub award, author of over ninety journal, book, and encyclopedia publications, and a 6th Degree Black Belt in traditional Korean Karate.

Chris Laszlo, Ph.D. –Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, where he is the Faculty Director for research and outreach of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. He is a Visiting Professor at the Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, and Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Benedictine University. He was selected a “Top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business Behaviour” by Trust Across America and since 2015 he is Fellow of the International Academy of Management. He is the author of several books on sustainable business including Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business, Embedded Sustainability: The Next Big Competitive Advantage, and Sustainable Value: How The World’s Leading Companies Are Doing Well By Doing Good. In 2002, he co-founded Sustainable Value Partners, a sustainability strategy-consulting firm.

Ervin Laszlo, Docteur d’Etat(Sorbonne) – Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research,Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, Senator of the International Medici Academy, and Editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research. He is therecipient of the Goi Peace Prize (2002), the International Mandir of Peace Prize (2005), the Conacreis Holistic Culture Prize (2009), The Polyhistor Prize of the Environmental Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2015), and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and 2005. Laszlo holds Honorary PhD’s from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary.

Folker Meissner, MD– Founder and chairman of the German Academy of Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics, is founder and head of a clinic for holistic medicine in Koenigswinter (Germany). His focus is on consciousness-based aspects of medicine, catalysed self-healing and related complementary fields of healing. He is principal trainer on two cutting-edge devices in energy medicine and developed and conducted courses on bioenergetic and informational healthcare, employing his method of holistic HOLAR(R)medicine.

Nitamo Federico Montecucco, MD. Ph.D. – Researcher in neuroscience, psychosomatic and PNEI (psycho-neuro-*endocrine-immunology). Professor of psychosomatics at the Master in Complementary Medicines of the University of Medicine of Milan, Collaborating Center of Complementary Medicine of WHO (World Health Organization), and professor at the University of Medicine of Pavia and Siena. He conducts experiments on brain coherence, as a measure of psychosomatic integrity, studying normal and sick people (stress, depression, anxiety, etc.) and published numerous books and articles in Italian and in English scientific journals.

Maria Sagi, Ph.D. – Researcher in and practitioner of alternative medicine, Science Director of the Club of Budapest, Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, author of numerous books and articles on information medicine and the Korbler Method of healing. She has worked on the Hungarian editions of Laszlo’s books and collaborated with him in his research. Dr. Sagi conducted training programs and seminars in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, as well as in China and Japan.

Julene Siddique MA, MMus. – Composer, Academic, and Therapist. She has both researched and worked extensively on the intersections between the Arts, Health and Culture, and is founder of the “Spectrum” method of education which integrates personal and professional development and is currently developing a New Paradigm framework for “S
ocial Philosophical Science” to engage individual as well as collective forms of transformation.

Sarah Verwei – Founder and Director of Syntony Research (The Netherlands), is  Ambassador and Practitioner for facilitating dialogues at Syntony Quest, and is Consultant/Lead Developer Didactic and Pedagogic Resources, Practitioner for Life Affirming, Future Creating and Opportunity increasing Pathways for Organizational Change.

Nora Csiszar – has a Masters degree in Psychology with research on positive psychology, the science of happiness and human well-being. She is a martial-artist (Taekwon-do) and a filmmaker. She is the IT & PR Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research.