The Laszlo Institute Of New Paradigm Research intends to make a meaningful contribution to our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world, and through this understanding to contribute to wellbeing in the world. It is dedicated to pursuing this objective through research on the concepts, principles and worldviews currently emerging in the sciences, and developing their applications to fields of human interest.
The Laszlo Institute Of New Paradigm Research aims to:
• become a leading-edge, internationally recognized center of research, promoting the new paradigm emerging in the sciences and exploring and disseminating its implications and applications in regard to human wellbeing and social and ecological sustainability;
• offer an international platform for research and to researchers in fundamental science, information and energy-based medicine, business management, and higher as well as public education;
• serve as an incubator and nurturer of projects that further the understanding and practical applications of the new paradigm, acting in concert with the programs and activities of the Villaggio Globale in Italy and the Club of Budapest internationally.