Anna Bacchia


Anna Bacchia’s Project is the ÌNIN (INtuitive INtelligence), an educational program which develops unexplored and radically innovative aspects on the nature of Intuition, of selfinsight and intuitive insight in interrelation A holographic conscience: the conscience of the original wholeness, where the intuitive syntony enlightens the cognitive spark: the fundamental understanding from which the creating, discovering, evolving processes develop as a unique ‘con~fused’ perceiving: ‘fused~with’, ‘in syn~tony’

with the whole. Currently such innovations are being developed as a focus for the educational programs of the United Nations.

As a “globally thinking leader in the cause of Peace and Human Enhancement”, Anna Bacchia has been invited by the Goi Peace Foundation (Tokyo, Japan) and the Club of Budapest (Hungary), to endorse and sign the“Fuji Declaration”, which will be presented in 2015 to governments worldwide. After her studies in the fields of Medicine, Music, Vedic Psychology she developed a unique research path on the cognitive and creative process: a systemic vision ‘between Science and Art’, where the cognitive and creative processes are recognized as being the process of life itself. She is a Creative Member in the Club of Budapest and the founder of the Club of Budapest Switzerland.