David Muehsam


David Muehsam is a biophysicist with research emphasis on the biophysical mechansisms of EMF bioeffects and therapeutics, the biophysical bases of yoga, meditation and mind-body therapies the connections between the Arts and Sciences. Dr. Muehsam holds a BA in Physics (Hampshire College, USA) and PhD in Neurophysiology (University of Bologna, Italy) and has authored on biophysical mechanisms of EMF bioeffects, EMF therapeutics, mathematical modeling of EMF bioeffects, and complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Muehsam is also a yoga/meditation teacher and yoga teacher trainer, and an accomplished

musician, performing on flute and saxophone since childhood.

Dr. Muehsam is the Director of Biophysics for VID Art Science, under the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems, (Italy), Director of Technology Innovation for the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (USA), and is on the scientific advisory board of the the Global Coherence Project (USA), an organization dedicated to the study of the effects of solar/geomagnetic activity on health outcomes and wellbeing. Dr. Muehsam is Senior Biophysicist for Rio Grande Neurosciences (USA), developing techniques for noninvasive brain and central nervous system stimulation.