Julene Siddique


Julene Siddique – Biography

Julene Siddique is a Composer, Academic and Therapist. She has both researched and worked extensively on the intersections between the Arts, Health and Culture. She has developed the New Paradigm framework for ‘Social Philosophical Science’ which takes forward social sciences through a dynamic pedagogical approach which engages both individual and collective forms of transformation. Julene is also the founder of the “Spectrum” method of education which places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary subjects and self-development. She is passionate about researching music/arts and in particular their role in modalities of physical and spiritual healing, social change, consciousness and evolution.

MA in Music and Development (SOAS, University of London)

MMus in Advanced Composition (The Royal College of Music)

BMus Composition and Cultural Studies (VCA, University of Melbourne)

CERT Expressive Art Therapy for Trauma Related Disorders (Trauma Informed Practice)

CERT TimeWaver Quantum devices (TimeWaver Academy)

CERT Medicine and the Arts (University of Capetown)