Nitamo Federico Montecucco


MD. PhD. Researcher in neuroscience and psychosomatic and traditional medicine. Since 1999, he is a Professor of Psychosomatics at the Master in Complementary Medicines of the University of Medicine of Milan, Collaborating Center of Complementary Medicine of WHO (World Health Organization).

Since 1994, following the directives of WHO, he has

developed an integrated map of the acupuncture channels and Shen as a neurophysiological basis of psychosomatic health.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and UNESCO, he has applied this psychosomatic approach for health and education on a national scale throughout Italy. He leads experiments on brain coherence, to measure the energetic and psychosomatic integrity by studying normal and sick people (stress, depression, anxiety, etc.) as far as meditators in tai chi, qi gong and taoist meditation. He has published books and articles in Italian and English scientific magazines and has broadcasted on several television networks: BBC, Swiss and Italian Television.