Peter Jakubowski


Peter Jakubowski was born in 1947 in Poznań (Poland). He studied physics at Silesian University in
Katowice (Poland) from 1964 -1969 and received his doctor’s degree in 1976. Since 1984 he has been
living and working in Germany.

Dr Jakubowski’s principal achievement during his many focused years has been the understanding
that the trend toward worldwide globalization in recent decades is not an accident of human evolution but
rather a byproduct of our Species’ natural next step along its footpath. Furthermore, after millions of years
of our evolutionary development we are at an historic turning point due to a compelling factor: today we
have both individual and communal responsibility for the success or failure of our very development.
Informing a global audience with deep insight about how their physical activities impact the entire
world has been of primordial importance to Dr Jakubowski. For twenty five years he has maintained
an educational blog ( for anyone interested in our grand destiny.

Additionally, the essence of his Unified Physics has been compiled in a series of peer-reviewed articles and in two recent books: “Unified Physics, which Einstein & Co. dreamed of and is finally realised now“, and “Bioresonanzen in der Einheitlichen Medizin“.

Today we stand … at the cradle of the seventh Great Civilization of our modern Species Homo sapiens
Sapiens … and on the threshold of a revolutionary new vision about the nature of reality. Hereon our vital
task; to understand our human mission on this blue planet of our Solar System which is cradled within an
incomprehensibly vast Cosmic Hierarchy. The prerequisite for this voyage of our lifetime relies on an
entirely new knowledge to propel us onward; one which helps us comprehend our global consciousness in
relation to the Past, Present, and Future of all living organisms on Earth.

„Today not only Europe but the whole world is going towards an interconnected net of states rather than towards any next “cold war” between different systems. This globalization does not occur accidentally in our human evolution (as we will probably discuss on this pages). It is just a next step in our own evolution. However, we are in a special situation now, unique in all those millions of years of this evolution. We have today the responsibility for the success or failure of this global development. In order to spread over the whole world a better understanding of the physical conditions for our own activities, I have decided to open this educational blog for everybody who is interested in our own destiny: