Shamik Desai


Shamik Desai grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studied economics at Stanford University (with a term at Oxford). He then worked as a banker at various institutions— Morgan Stanley in New York, Cisco Systems in the Silicon Valley, and the World Bank in Washington, DC—which gave him a window into some of the societal challenges pressing upon the world today. Following this, he pursued a master’s degree in international public policy (with a focus on political philosophy) at Johns Hopkins and spent a few years writing a satirical-philosophical novel.

His book inspired a social giving app, which encouraged and measured people’s giving attitudes. He is now working with Uday Khemka and Ervin Laszlo on a project called ConsciousWorld—which seeks to map conscious evolution across all branches of human civilization onto a web platform. He has recently moved back to San Francisco from Washington, DC—where he spent nearly a decade.