Symposium on the New Paradigm in Politics & Economy – 23rd-24th May 2017


Dear Friends,

The Laszlo Institute is proud to present the upcoming conference titled “New Paradigm in Politics & Economy” which will be held on the 23rd-24th May 2017 in Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.

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About the conference: Our current political and economic systems are broken and starting to crumble. The systems which were established in a different era and served us well in the context of their time are no longer valid in these days of globalisation, banking system volatility and natural resources depletion.

A new approach to economics that can underpin new political structures is urgently needed requiring creativity and resourcefulness as well as the willpower to change an outmoded ‘Establishment’.

This conference brings together some of the world’s leading experts and thinkers who recognise this need for change and who will be presenting innovative and sometimes radical examples of real world initiatives that are changing the face of politics and economics and introducing more adaptive approaches to world problems.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to join us in beautiful Tuscany and be part of the ‘New Paradigm’ with like-minded thinkers. Put the dates in your diary now and book quickly to ensure your place.

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