The mission


In the second decade of the 21st century we wittness the deepest and fastest transformation in the history of humanity. This transformation is not without crises and difficulties, the birthpangs of a coming age. To meet the challenges we need new thinking. As Einstein said, we cannot solve the fundamental problems of our time with the same kind of thinking that produced them.
Updating and upgrading our ways of thinking is a challenging but not an intractable task. The new paradigm we need is already emerging in the sciences, and its application to society is being elucidated. The missing factor is the commitment of people to the new thinking inspired and indicated by the new paradigm. To this end intellectual understanding alone is vital, but in itself it is not enough. We need the kind of understanding that comes from the mind as well as from the heart—the kind that commits people to perceive the issues, seek the solutions, and commit themselves to acting on them.
We need an updated consciousness. Living in the 21st century with the consciousness that hallmarked the 20th century is like living in the Modern Age with the mindset of the Middle Age.
The Club of Budapest called the consciousness needed to meet the challenges of our times Planetary Consciousness. Helping people evolve their consciousness to the planetary level and become effective and ethical leaders in our changing times is the mission of The Laszlo Institute Of New Paradigm Research.