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Mária Sági, a native of Budapest, began her career as a classical pianist and turned subsequently to the study of medicine and psychology, specializing in personality theory, deep psychology, social psychology and the psychology of music. She received her Ph.D. in psychology at the Eötvös Lóránd Science University of Budapest, and after seven years research she received her C.Sc. degree (Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences). She is a former Research Associate and Scientific Secretary of Institute for Culture and Sociological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. A leading member of the Club of Budapest since its inception in 1993, Dr. Sági currently serves as Science Director of the Club.

Mária Sági is the author and co-author of eleven books and some hundred and fifty articles and research papers on topics as varied as social and personality psychology, the psychology of music and art and information medicine, some published in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

She has done extensive research on the psychology of art: how music is reproduced through associations with color and form in painting, as well as on the Hungarian folk-dance movement, theatre, and cultural trends and values. Her books Aesthetics and Personality and Culture and Personality are frequently referenced in Hungarian research organizations. Creativity in Music, her book co-authored with Prof. Iván Vitányi, states the results of her experimental research work in a 9-volume treatise treating the investigation of generative ability in various segments of the Hungarian people.

Dr. Sági’s professional experience includes co-directing the sociological survey of Hungarian families for the International Sociological Association, directing the European Perspectives Research on European Identity Project of United Nations University as well as research on the Transition to Global Society of the same University and serving as the Hungarian coordinator of EUROCIRCON, the European Culture Impact Research Consortium. (The results of the survey were published in World Futures, The Journal of General Evolution, in 1994.)

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Mária Sági is a member of the General Evolution Research Group and is the former Managing Editor of World Futures, The Journal of General Evolution (now World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research). She has been a close collaborator of Prof. Ervin László in his work on the new paradigm in science and society, and has overseen the publication of the Hungarian edition of ten of László’s recent books.

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Since the late 1980s Sági’s interests embraced natural healing, using the principles of information medicine. She has developed the method of New Homeopathy pioneered by the Viennese scientist Erich Körbler as an encompassing method for diagnosing and treating human health problems whether in the presence of the patient and at a distance (“Holistic Information-Medicine”). She lectured on this method in seminars in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, as well as Japan. She has worked with Ervin Laszlo in developing the theory of the Akashic field, providing examples of healing through that field and elaborating its implications for the new science paradigm developed by Laszlo.

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